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Real Names and Abbreviations

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We are encouraging transcribers to enter the name as they are actually written in the register.

Therefore, when people search the FreeREG database, they will have to be very careful in using forenames in the search.
At this point in time the FreeREG searches according to the name that has been entered. So when searching for the forename William you will not get entries that have the names Wm. Willm. Gulielmus etc as forenames. You are required, therefore, to search according to each possible abreviation if you enter a forename.
At some time in the near future we hope to introduce a capability to search according to the modern name and display all variations of the various forms of forenames such as shown in the following table.

Abbreviations and old forms of Christian names

This is not a definitive total list - more will be added
In the register Modern form In the database Notes
Ames Ames (an old name no longer in use)
Avice Avice
Avis Avice
Chas. Charles
Elenor Eleanor
Elisabeth Elizabeth
Eliz. Elizabeth
Elizth Elizabeth
Eliza. Elizabeth note punctuation
Eliza: Elizabeth note punctuation
Eliza Eliza note lack of punctuation = literally Eliza
Ellenor Eleanor
Ellinor Eleanor
Fanny Fanny as written
Geo. George
Gul. William short for Latin Gulielmus
Guliel William short for Latin Gulielmus
Han. Hannah
Hanna Hannah
Hannah Hannah
Hen. Henry
Hy. Henry
Ioh. John I = J, so Ioh. = Joh.
Jac. James Latin Jacobus
Jacob Jacob as written
Jacobus James Latin Jacobus
Jas. James
Jas James
Jer. Jeremiah
Joh. John
Jo. John
Jone Joan
Jno. John Never let anyone tell you that this is Jonathan!
Jon. Jonathan
Jona Jonathan
Jos. Joseph
Josh. Joshua
Josh Josiah
Marg. Margaret
Mich. Michael
Micls Michael
Nich. Nicholas
Nics Nicholas
Ric. Richard
Rich. Richard
Sar. Sarah
Theo. Theodore
Tho. Thomas
Thos. Thomas
Willm. William
Wm. William
Zach. Zacharius

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